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How many times have you gone on vacation/holiday and checked the reviews of the hotel you want to stay at, restaurants you want to eat at and tours you want to go on? Most likely almost every single time you travel.

There are currently 200+ million reviews written across the internet (TrustYou), and studies show that 95% of travelers read reviews before they book a trip (Tnooz). That means your business needs to have a great brand and good social presence behind it.

As a young solo traveler herself, founder Ania Halama has always resorted to social media and reviews before booking a trip. Most of her friends have not been to the destinations she wanted to go to, so word of mouth was hard to come by and the internet was at the reach of her fingertips.

She made sure she was attracted to the brand and what they stood for. She checked out their website and social media to make sure they were active and had great photography to get her excited to go to that location.

But more times than not, Ania found that the real gems she found on her travels were the ones that had no real brand or social presence. These were businesses where the owners were simply too busy running their own business or they didn’t understand the importance of branding and social media.

With a strong background in graphic design, photography, marketing and social media, along with the constant wanderlust that longs in Ania's heart she started Wanderlustudio. For travelers by professional travelers, Wanderlustudio focuses on connecting your brand with your target market.

Wanderlustudio is a full service design agency specializing in beautiful graphic design, photography and providing tailored social media solutions to the travel/tourism and hospitality industries all over the world. We are inspired by travel, culture, food, design and social media.

If you’re ready to attract more tourism to your company, let us help you leverage the power of design and social media to help your business grow and reach the right customers that will benefit from your brand.

Contact us to find out more about Wanderlustudio and how we can help your digital footprint.

why choose us?

At Wanderlustudio we have a deep understanding of the travel/tourism and hospitality industries. For travelers by travelers, we understand your target market and work closely with the industry to help design corporate identities, brochures, websites and online promotions. We know how important visually compelling campaigns are to the industry.

Since Wanderlustudio is based on the idea of “for travelers by travelers” we ourselves spend hours traveling and doing research. Our team works hard to bring you the latest ideas and designs that will attract you more tourism to your company.

Our approach to every campaign is to build and maintain a strong relationship between your brand and your followers. When you work with Wanderlustudio you can expect the same attention we would give a company if we were planning a trip with them; we are your fans too and completely committed to making your business shine through your brand and social media.

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